Publication Title: Acoustic wave-based immunoassays

Communication Type: Book Chapter

Book:  Handbook of Immunoassay Technologies, Elsevier, 2018, Pages 203-239

By:  Aristea Grammoustianou, Electra Gizeli

FORTH, Greece



Acoustic wave–based biosensors are well-established analytical methods providing real-time and label-free detection of analytes binding to the sensor’s surface. Recently, scientific interest has shifted toward the development of acoustic wave–based immunosensors, given the increasing demands in healthcare and food industries. The objective of the current chapter is to give a detailed presentation of the acoustic wave–based immunoassays developed for clinical diagnostics as well as the detection of microbial pathogens, toxins, viruses, and parasites. The chapter also presents the latest developments regarding the integration of acoustic immunosensors in point-of-care diagnostic systems, with the potential to replace traditional methodologies. Finally, developments toward the commercialization of acoustic immunosensors and market trends regarding the reception of these systems by end users are also described..