Publication Title: Microfluidic Extraction and Digital Quantification of Circulating Cell-Free DNA from Serum

Journal:  Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Vol 286 (1) : 533-539, 2019

Communication Type: Scientific Publication

By:  Karla Perez-Toralla, Iago Pereiro, Sonia Garrigou, Fahima Di Federico, Charlotte Proudhon, François-Clément Bidard, Jean-Louis Viovy, ValérieTaly, Stéphanie Descroix

Institute Curie, France



Miniaturized devices for the extraction of DNA have been used for assessing genetic material in biological, forensic and environmental samples. However, the ability to isolate trace amounts of highly fragmented DNA from biological fluids remains a challenge. The current work reports a microfluidic approach that combines on line a dynamic magnetic extraction procedure with droplet-based digital PCR (ddPCR). This strategy maximizes the surface area for DNA binding within the chip, in order to capture short DNA fragments, with the possibility of recovering the purified samples into picoliter volumes for high sensitivity mutation detection. The application of this technology to capture circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA) from serum samples of cancer patients is demonstrated herein, with efficiencies comparable to standard column-based DNA extraction methods. This technology uses lesser amounts of required material and reagents, and has a higher potential for automation and multiplex DNA analysis. Furthermore, this approach can also be extended for the detection of other circulating biomarkers, such as nucleic acid sequences with aberrant methylation patterns or miRNA.