CATCH-U-DNA project started in August 2017. Last May 20th the 24-months revision meeting was held in Valencia, Spain. The results of the different work packages were presented. In addition, different Project hindrances and requirements were discussed. The work plan for the following 6 months was also decided.

During next months the project partners are conducting the following activities:

  • FORTH is the project coordinator and will prove the acoustic response of sensors with high dissipative particles.
  • AWSensors is designing and fabricating a novel array of acoustic high frequency sensors.
  • CURIE is working on isolation ctDNA targets in serum with increased selectivity and specificity.
  • BGU is developing optimized highly dissipative particles.
  • UAM is studying the effect of highly dissipative particles in acoustic sensors.
  • JOBST is working in the fabrication of an integrated acoustic module for multiple ctDNA targets analysis.
  • UOC is demonstrating the method in patients’ samples and designing assays of clinical significance.