AWSensors is acting as a sponsor for this conference in June 30th at St. Feliu, Spain.

FEBS 2019 Advanced Course will also take place during this event.

Meet AWSensors’ Application Scientist, María García, in this event. She will promote AWSensors technology and products at the conference.

About the conference:

Continuing a long-standing tradition, in 2019 we bring together young and renowned researchers for an exchange of ideas on a range of fundamental and applied topics in the area of biological surfaces and interfaces, covering solid-liquid interfaces, lipid interfaces and cell membranes, cell- and tissue interfaces, and organs-on-chips.

Particular attention is focused on the underlying mechanistic aspects. For the first time, clinical researchers are participating in the conference. Plenty of time is allocated to oral and poster presentations by young researchers, round tables, and formal as well as informal discussions. Join us this coming summer to discuss beautiful science at a beautiful location!

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