Work Title:  Microfluidic development for bioanalysis and clinics

Communication Type: Invited talk

Location:  Lund, Sweden

By: Institute Curie (Paris, France)


Microfluidics is considered as a candidate technology that can help answering to fundamental and applied questions. Besides, as reported already a few years ago by Nicole Pamme (Lab Chip 2005), the combination of microfluidics and magnetism emerge as highly valuable combination for a wide range of applications. This has been demonstrated in many cases by using magnetism for pumping liquid or ferrofluids for valving or directly by working with magnetic (nano or micro) particles as solid support for bioreactions. In this context, Stéphanie Descroix presented the recent technological developments pioneered by CURIE team based on the combination of magnetic particles and microfluidics. During her presentation, Stéphanie demonstrated how these original approaches can be implemented to tackle the challenge of both cellular and molecular circulating biomarkers analysis. She also introduced the new developments in the team about emerging domain of organ on chip.